Transfer or purchase of companies

 Are you wondering how to recognise when it is the right time to carry out the transfer of a company that is not in the best shape? Maybe this article can help you gain insight.

Maybe, it’s the right time now.

The most common reasons for selling a company

Its age and the moment when the company has no one to take over to continue the activity.

If you experience a decline in demand and escalating pressure from creditors, you’re rushing and you do not know what to do first, then the best thing to do is to stop and stay calm.


  1. We will buy the business shares from you
  2. We will appoint a crisis manager, who will be negotiating with creditors, auditors, banks
  3. You will get space and time
  4. Management and day-to-day business contact with creditors, executors and lawyers will be passed to the people qualified on the issues

“No matter how many times in your life you fall, the important thing is that you always get up and move on”

Our Branch in London provides fast and discreet transfer and purchase of the companies.

What will a transfer of the company, buyout bring to you? – Time and distance from operating difficulties.

If you are hesitating, ask yourself what will change as you continue to do the same things you did before?

What will your business look like in 3 months, in 6 months?

How will you personally look like in a year, in 5 years…

We are here, ready to show you the way. Contact us when you are ready.


We always recommend what we've already tried in practice

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We guarantee privacy and non disclosure

And above all we are people like you

We are certified by MLR

Money Laundering Regulations

Professional Company liability insurance

£10 000 000

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Life success does not depend on the conditions we are in. It is down to the decisions we make. Make the right decision and contact us. Together we will find the right path for you, too.