Temporary Worker in UK – Government Authorised Exchange visa (T5)

You can apply for a Temporary Worker - Government Authorised Exchange visa (T5) if you:

  • want to come to the UK for a short time for work experience or to do training, an Overseas Government Language Programme, research or a fellowship through an approved government authorised exchange scheme
  • have a sponsor
  • a certificate of sponsorship reference number from your UK sponsor
  • enough money to support yourself in the UK – you’ll usually need to have at least £1,270 available (unless you’re exempt)

Application fee

The application fee for each person applying is £244.

The fee is the same whether you’re applying from inside or outside the UK.

Documents you must provide

When you apply you’ll need to provide:

  • your certificate of sponsorship reference number – your employer will give you this
  • a valid passport or other document that shows your identity and nationality
  • evidence that you have enough personal savings to support yourself in the UK, for example bank statements (unless your certificate of sponsorship shows your employer can support you)
  • proof of your relationship with your partner or childrenif they’re applying with you
  • your tuberculosis test resultsif you’re from a country where you have to take the test
  • valid ATAS certificateif your employer tells you that you need one because your job involves researching a sensitive subject at PhD level or higher


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