Services for ICOs blockchain and digital currencies

ICOS. Participants in this area need help to understand the legal, regulatory and tax environment in which they operate.

Zenron is able to provide advice and answer any questions you may have.

Whether you are the promoter of an ICO, a private investor, an institutional investor or an investment professional.

Zenron will support you with our competent specialist teams comprised of:

  • Legal experts
  • Tax experts
  • Corporate service administrators
  • Fund experts
  • Trustees
  • Compliance experts

New technology is a propulsive force that moves modern economy forward, delivering real benefits to society, while operating under a new set of business rules based on blockchain, smart contracts and digital currencies.

We provide advice on structuring and launching of an ICO and assist with the review of the white paper.

Depending on where you are situated in this brand-new economy, we can help and answer the following questions:

ICO Promoters

  • What is the best jurisdiction and legal form of a company to establish an ICO?
  • How to manage compliance obligations?
  • Which investors are prohibited?
  • How is the interest taxed and how is the ICO taxed?
  • Capital gains tax, income tax, value added tax?
  • What are the possible solutions for companies and business founders in the field of FIAT banking (currency with forced circulation)?

Private investors in crypto assets

  • Am I allowed to invest in crypto currency?
  • How will I be taxed on gains / losses? Capital gain tax, income tax, property tax, inheritance tax?
  • Do I need to submit annual reports?
  • What happens to my property in the event of death?
  • Investment professionals who deal with crypto assets ICOregulations?
  • Can I trade and advise clients on crypto currency?
  • What is the best jurisdiction for an investment crypto fund?
  • How can a collective investment fund hold the assets in custody?
  • Which banks will I be able to work with?
  • What are my compliance obligations?

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