Company liquidation

By conducting a controlled company liquidation, the company will be legally dissolved.

According to statistics, 90% of all businesses go bankrupt within 5 years of their establishment. 
So if you’re one of them, you’re not the only one experiencing this, which is good to know.

Are you relieved? Good. From now on, it will only get better.

The liquidation of a business is often the end of only one business stage.

This is a time-consuming process, which is why we recommend that you make the company’s liquidation through the service – transfer – company sale with subsequent company liquidation.

Carrying out the liquidation of your company doesn’t mean you should forget your experience and knowledge.

In reality, the opposite is true. It’s the right time to start

We will help you identify the parts of the company that are profitable, 20% of your activity is 80% of your profit. May be you already know about the profitable part of your business. With company liquidation, you get some space and time to start over again.

Live now, before it’s too late

People often cling to the years, the energy they put into their business and they remain in a cycle. They have their hands full and can not go further. Transform your business!

Leave the past behind and step into the future with Zenron team beside you helping you all the way to your goal.

We know that the period between the stages isn’t pleasant. The old is falling apart and the new isn’t ready yet, the feeling of certainty is lacking, rules don’t work and the comfort zone is gone.

A number of companies have been able to make the best of their difficult times and lay the foundations for their changeover. Read our article about how to recover from a companies crisis. 
It’s always a matter of your approach and reaction. It’s up to you how you handle it. You’ll discover new horizons with us.

What is the company liquidation process?

  • We will focus on the critical points and pitfalls
  • We will reduce all possible threats
  • We will analyze financial statements prior to the liquidation process
  • Subsequently, the liquidator of the company will be appointed

In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, asset-law relations will be settled against creditors, debtors, employees and the state administration, with the aim of achieving a liquidation balance, which will be distributed among the shareholders.

company liquidation

What do you get with company liquidation?

  • Space and time to focus on your priorities
  • You can always get your money back
  • The time that you give to state and court officials will never be returned
  • Personal experience

We have a family business, we produce furniture, and cheap imports from abroad and the financial crisis impacted our business.

Thanks to the restructuring and subsequent company liquidation, we were able to save the company’s functioning part.

With our know-how in the field and a new strategy we continue doing business.

We narrowed it down to the area where we have no competition.

It’s no longer just a struggle for survival and a price war with the competition. Work makes sense to me now and brings added value and makes life easier for people. Business can be fun when you do things in the right way.

Time is the most precious valuable asset

Let yourself be carried on the wings of freedom. Controlled company liquidation appears threatening at first glance.

But it’s not like that

Life is full of experience, some are big and some are smaller. From the big ones we take the greatest lessons and the biggest gain. Sometimes we find this out with time. Sometimes we have to change the angle of view.

Sometimes we find this out with time.

Sometimes we have to change the angle of view. The knowledge and gratitude for that experience always come.


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